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I caught most of it. Nova is a great program.

Drones and compact sensors are going to provide a serious privacy challenge in the near future.

People worry about the govt, and those concerns are legit. But when every 13 y/o punk and supercreep college kid and PI wannabe can use their smartphone to fly a drone that looks in 17th floor windows using IR cameras and feed the images straight to the interwebz, that's a privacy issue on a scale we haven't faced before.

From-the-sky views of street races. When a police car chase happens, a dozen people fly their drones along with the pursuit, dropping down to windshield level to get face-to-face with the suspect. Hovering outside your bedroom window, using a gap in the curtains to film your wife fiddling her bean or your kids playing dress-up. Weeeeeee...

Gonna be interesting, that's for sure.
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