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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
It is a bipartisan push for "reform"... what that includes however is polarizing.

What annoys me is that the narative will be as follows :

1. Democrats push for legalizing illegals and giving them the ability to vote... KNOWING that Hispanics vote overwhelmingly democratic
2. Republicans will push for reform that does NOT include the right to vote.
3. Democrats will label the republicans as bigots and racists for trying to deny the vote... REGARDLESS of whatever logic will be used against it.

4. Democrats will win after enough outrage and anger is placed at the feet of republicans
5. Democrats receive massive votes from former illegals who now have the ability to vote.

The democrats will then wipe their hands of the entitlement spending that will result.
Not understanding your post, can you address what you mean by the bolded. If they become legal citizens why try to restrict their right to vote? I don't see any logic in this.

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