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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
Not understanding your post, can you address what you mean by the bolded. If they become legal citizens why try to restrict their right to vote? I don't see any logic in this.
This past election has signaled the future of this country. You have two camps.. those that want to provide for themselves and those that want to be provided for. Look at the most recent rumors in the inner circles of the white house...

As the actions of his first term made clear, and as his second inaugural address declared, President Barack Obama is committed to a distinctive vision of American government. It emphasizes the importance of free enterprise, and firmly rejects “equality of result,” but it is simultaneously committed to ensuring both fair opportunity and decent security for all.

In these respects, Obama is updating Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights. To be sure, his second term has barely started, and his precise place in history remains to be established. Yet we can’t appreciate the arc of American politics, or the nation’s current situation and prospects, without understanding the Second Bill.
Read more : http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-0...of-rights.html

As this is pushed, so will the belief that those rights should extend to immigrants.. but what happens when you say "we will give you everything you want, regardless of where you're born.. so long as you're in the US"? Of course, impoverished mexicans will walk across (as will illegals from countries around the globe) to take advantage of those freebies.

The US can NOT AFFORD to provide a home, job, clothes, food, and an iPad to everyone in the world"... And pushing for legislation even resembling that is just asinine.

Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
President Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which legalized close to 3 million undocumented immigrants. Stop your unjustified complaining.
Our country's entitlement system is VASTLY different than it was in the 80's... and Reagan's law pushed for reform which included ENDING illegal immigration into this country. It hasn't worked and we CAN NOT give handouts to anyone who wants to walk across the fawking desert.

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