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Originally Posted by E46Enthusiast20 View Post
I want to wash the salt off mine so badly. Can't because its fricken -10 every damn day.
HATE those reindeer things on all cars, but i LOVE it on yours, so funny dude! I wonder if they'd stay put if you went 100.

Originally Posted by cak323i View Post
With Sprint Booster, I have more confidence that I can merge into the traffic scheme with the same precision and "get up and go" that I have when driving my ///M. The "old" ZHP felt good but when compared to my "Sprint Boosted" ZHP, the old one feels so much slower off the line. My "new" ZHP now feels awesome!

I know that Sprint Booster does not increase the horsepower of the car... tune programming such as Shark Injector, changing out your exhaust, headers, and adding a CAI will add some horsepower to your car. The Sprint Booster improves the throttle response of the car so that there is less delay when you press on the throttle. What I like is that with Sprint Booster, there are three settings to choose from stock / Sport Program (my preference) / Race Program.

Until I purchased my Sprint Booster, I really had no idea as to how much it would change the way I now look at driving my ZHP... all I can say is that with Sprint Booster, my ZHP is so much more fun to drive! Right now, I'm seriously considering getting Sprint Booster for my ///M! That's how much I love this little device!!!

oh....something to think about....
For those who are not inclined to do the Sport Button mod as my friend John and I did, I still recommend getting Sprint Booster for your will notice the difference! I got my Sprint Booster from eBay, but you can also find links in the classified section. Instead of paying $299 + shipping I got mine for $153 with shipping included. You can find them at a more reasonable price....just keep an eye out in the classified section

Doing the sport button mod does require some soldering skills and for some, nerves of steel. The surface mount LEDs can easily be burned if you're not careful and not work as a result...I found this out with one of mine since it does not work (Sport mode LED)... William's guide was instrumental when I did mine and I now know how to do this thing I will do different is get brand new LEDs so that I won't have to "reuse" any when I go back and redo my sport button.

Hope this answers all of your question, including those you haven't thought of yet...
Interesting feedback here Charlie. I've never really felt that my 330 was "slow" merging into traffic, but then again I have a pretty heavy foot, I might be concerned that it would get too touchy with this mod. But nonetheless your review here is the most positive thing I've read so far, and other than your ZHP parts in the engine and rack, we basically have a very similar 330i now.
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