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Originally Posted by pawelgawel View Post
Is it just one or two blocks that are deteriorating?? or does it seem like the most of the wall has this issue?

I understand what your trying to do, but something like this will only worsen over time, especially if the moisture is getting through already. Even if you try to patch it up and sell the house, there could be some legal issues once the problem is uncovered.

If you're planning on staying there for a while, its a good idea to spend the extra couple K and have it fixed for good.

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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
You cant fix leaks from the inside
Originally Posted by Chris3Duke View Post
Are the blocks crumbling, or the mortar? The #1 thing to do is proper grading and water mitigation around the foundation (downspout extensions, etc.).

I don't think drylok is going to hurt anything.
it's a small house i live in now, but i will soon build or move in with my fiance and turn this into a rental.

the block surfaces are deteriorating along with some of the mortar. i've fixed the drainage issue and run a dehum all the time, so there is not really a water leakage issue in my basement, it's just that the blocks need to be repaired so that they dont continue to deteriorate. i'd like to patch things up and get the wall in better shape and then at some point spray foam the entire wall up into the rim joist cavity.
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