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Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post
sexy beast
is that spun apparel you're wearing?

how many contests are we going to have? at this rate, there will be a contest for every possible workout
As many as we want! Until you start participating, they are just entertainment to you. Just enjoy the show.

P.S. Remember that time that I threw a kick at your head when we all went out for dinner about 6 years ago? Good times!


These will help improve your core for handstands/handstand push-ups:

...and then you can advance to these:

Those are some of methods we use in Capoeira to improve core strength as far as balance on the hands are concerned.
Sou Instrutor de Capoeira ate' morrer.

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Dude, you are massively gay for Capoeira. Yes I know this has been well established for quite some time.
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While not big, I bet it's firm and can grind the sh1t out of a crank.

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