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Max'd out, yeah we have DDs as well, this is just our family fun car.

My previous summer toy I was like that with at first, explaining the fine details of defensive/preventive driving. It took years, but I finally threw her the keys and told her to have fun with the car and not to worry about it, it was just a car and I wanted her to experience the joy I feel when driving it. After all I wasn't exactly MR.Saint when in it, raced it many times over the years!

Since then she drove that car a handful of times, but we sold it last summer to buy the BMW. When we got the BMW, I told her from the get go, that if anything happens, we can always buy another one, but I think she saw the pure joy I had when we first bought it that she didn't want to risk anything spoiling that for me. I am sure next summer I'll convince her to atleast take it for a spin to experience it.

As I get older, I have come to realize that everything is replaceable. Heck, if something happens to this one, I might just replace it for a clean M3 vert, so in a way I am looking for an excuse to upgrade yet again

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