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Originally Posted by KrasivataSabine View Post
Ultimately, I am of the opinion that, yes, one can run "sport" springs on OE shocks if the drop is mild.
Eibach markets their Pro-Kit Springs (maybe the most "mild" springs on the market in respect to drop and spring rate) as a spring designed to work with stock shocks. Of course, that is completely subjective, as it really depends on the condition of your shocks, thus why we don't advertise them as such. You obvious do not want to run them on a shock with 100K + miles on them and/or are worn and torn to heck.

Something else that many people do not know is that many dealers selling "OEM Sport Springs" (i.e. TRD with Toyota, NISMO with Nissan, VW Motorsport with Volkswagen, etc) are none other than an Eibach Pro-Kit repackaged in a factory box. Of course, neither the dealer or Eibach advertise that for obvious reasons, but it's the case with many, many springs out there with select "OEM Sport Springs." Yes, Eibach works with many auto makers out there.
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