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That $25 software looks interesting. I have a couple laptops and a tablet that acts as a terminal for the PowerEdge 2U rackmount in my tech cave (aka closet). Scanner 1.4 seems like a good option too, I might be able to jury rig a Bluetooth transceiver on a USB A-B genderchanger and make it wireless, I dunno if OBD supplies power or not. If the tool doesn't read E9x, whatever, my bro can buy his own tools. Thanks for the recommendations.

I know I promised codes, and I intend on getting them, but I've had to work late the last 2 nights as we have a 12k sqft cleanroom (class 1000) undergoing startup with turnover to NASA scheduled for end of next week. And I'm in charge of all the networking (CAT6 & 50um MM OM3 16 Fiber LC-LC Duplex, and speccing/quoting transceivers and switches for connection to their existing network). I'll try again for codes tomorrow.

Thanks all for the feedback, been very helpful. I'll check into the camshaft position sensor also.

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