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Originally Posted by swaggerwagon View Post
town and country toyota is doing repairs and I have been by every couple days to oversee how the repairs are going.

I called over today and the car will be ready either tomorrow or friday by lunch time. They are putting it all back together now. This has been possibly the longest 23 days of my life
This does not help you now, but if you are in Charlotte, and want excellent body work done, Scott Autobody on Tyvola works on Maseratti's, Porsche's, Range Rovers, Jaguars, Aston Martin's, and many more. Even better, their prices are no worse than any other decent body shop in Charlotte.
After my wife damaged my front bumper by hooking it over one of those concrete blocks they place in front of some parking spaces (I hate those things), they fixed my car. (she got pissed because I yelled at her for hitting it, after I warned her not to, and jammed it in reverse, and really did some damage! They don't call them hot blooded Latinas for nothing!) They got the OEM BMW bumper for $200, which is a good price from a shop, and they only charged $200 for a flawless paint job. I asked them to put some extra clearcoat on it, so I could wet sand out any dings I seem to get from road debris, and they added 4 extra coats, for $50. It still does not have any visible dings after 3 years.
I figure if they can work on all of those high end cars, they can handle my e46.
So, keep them in mind, I'd something else ehould happen (God forbid), or if you have trouble with the Toyota place's work quality, and they are not willing or able to fix it. I actually heard about them from the claims adjuster at Progressive. He said they like to send any high end cars there, because they get the best results. They do warranty work as well for most of the models I listed above, so they must be pretty good at it. I thought they did great work.
I hope everything turns out great!
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