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I've now also noticed that your 325i has a different shifting arm and different selector rod and input shaft joint than the 330cd which I have.

So now I also need to know if I would need to change those parts or whether I would just fit the E60 short shifter to my existing set up and just change:

25-11-1-222-015 Shifter Idler Arm Rear Mount E46 330cd
25-11-1-220-439 Nylon Washers E46 330cd
25-11-7-522-149 Rubber Boot E46 330cd
25-11-7-519-669 Shifter Idler Arm Trans Mount Bushing "Different part number for my car but same sort of part)
25-11-7-522-149 Rubber Boot E46 330cd

And hopefully that will freshen it up and give me the short shifter. Otherwise I will have to change the shifting arm and selector rod. The selector rod for the 330cd (25117528395) has a joint included as part of it. It's different to the joint your car uses.
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