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I was originally considering a coupe myself, to track etc. Then my 11 year old twins saw an M3 convertible in a local parking with the top down and said dad, you need to get one of those. First time my kids ever really showed real interest in what I bought. I sold my porsche 911 and picked up a very well maintained 2003 M3 vert SMG. Also, my first automatic fun car. The SMG was just interesting to me from a gadget perspective. My first convertible and I absolutely love it. And although the back seat is a bit small the only people back there are my kids. More than enough room. So I've decided to put the track days on the back burner and instead put on an aftermarket exhaust, adjustable coilovers, some carbon fiber bits, and some crazy custom blue wheels. What a great street machine. Living in MI means it's put away for the winter but the top is down most days between late April and late November. Kids absolutely enjoy the wind blowing in their hair driving up and down Woodward. I will be in this car for a long while. I guess I can't really comment on how much chicks dig it... I usually have my girl in the car so no comment from other women. And when it's parked I usually get comments from guys. Not sure of the chick factor on this car. The 911 got all the women comments.

So back to original poster here... Be sure you buy the car that fits your wants/needs. I never saw myself as vert owner, but I can't see owning a M3 coupe now. I really enjoy this car.
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