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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
You clown... Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. And look where it has gotten them.

In the 80's DC was the gun crime capital of the nation... and they were one of the few places in the nation that banned ALL firearms.

How can people be dumb enough to believe that criminals will abide stricter gun laws
Chicago, as with DC, were but small islands surrounded by seas of easy gun access basically making their strict laws moot and ineffective. Hence the need to address guns more broadly/nationally to have any real impact on mitigating gun related violence.

Do note, I am in no way arguing that stricter gun laws are THE answer to our levels of societal violence nor that other serious deep thinking, whether legislatively or socially, needs to also take place.

However, these two threads are not mutually exclusive, either/or approaches either and I think all should be on the table to create a more cohesive and effective approach to our high levels of societal violence.

I certainly don't expect criminals to abide by any gun laws, they are criminals after all (though this argument can get rather circular too). However, national-level gun control could make it far more difficult, over time, for criminals to acquire and eventually use guns. Yes, they may then resort to knives and fists, but those are far less effective and deadly so would represent at least a real-world mitigation of the problem, not some Utopian solution.
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