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Originally Posted by Drex View Post
So the first line in that video is "this is the next generation of surveillance"

Are you and your dad proud of the fact that he works for a company that builds bombs and war machines to kill other people all over the planet? Or that he is developing more sophisticated equipment to spy on all of us?

Yea, real cool...People working for these companies are mindless zombies that are doing nothing for society but contributing to war, death and invasion of personal liberties.
I'm picturing you wearing a tin hat as you write this, the walls of your house lined with aluminum foil.

Put a different way... We're the good guys. Without companies like Lockheed and BAE making things like F16's and drones, we wouldn't have those personal liberties you write about.

You know who doesn't have personal liberties? Iranians, Cubans, and North Koreans. The Soviets sure as heck didn't.

Sucks that it takes war and death to keep us safe, but that's just the way the world works.
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