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Originally Posted by Swish View Post
Stop being a prick! It's an American problem, not specific to a race! These black inner city kids killing each other are Americans, and no matter what, it should be categorized as an American problem. Keep trying to pin it to a race... It'll get you nowhere!
We are definitely all Americans, but you really can sort of pinpoint this type of behavior. When you try to alleviate race from the discussion I think it undermines any real attempt at finding a solution to the problem.

The problem is an epidemic within the black community. This isn't happening in other American communities (although it looks like Latino gangs are looking to take their place). Half the problem is that we CAN'T say this is a black community problem. You aren't helping anyone by pretending this happens everywhere and with everyone.

Sorry man, but it's true. Saw your edit, and that is a pretty low blow.
"In the modern welfare state, a vote becomes a license to take what others create" - Thomas Sowell

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