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But, since those tabs holding the boot lid liner might not penetrate into the truck far enough where you can get to them, you might need to either cut them off with dykes/snipers...or just cut carefully where there should be some rod that you pull left or right to release trunk lid. There are photos around here someplace.

If you search for 'locked out of trunk' threads (search titles for 'trunk' and 'locked') I think you might find one. Or, add 'license plate drill' because that's another way guys break in...drilling a hole behind the license plate to get to this rod.

I'll see if I can find realoem.com diagram for you.

Oh, and get working key lock for back there and you've undoubtedly got a broken wire in the elephant trunk. See my thread with that in title...pretty sure I explain how to get into it easily and repair it. You won't see a broken wire probably...it'll be broken inside the insulation.


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