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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Listen, obviously it's a national problem, it's within the borders. However, calling the problems in the black communities an "american problem" is simply being dishonest with oneself (with the nation really) and like I may sound "feel-good" but it wont solve the problem, since the core of the problem is not called out head on. I don't know why however. I guess most are afraid of the backlash, the media, etc etc. Even Obama himself recognized the "problem" in Chicago, but he never used the world "black" like he should have. Alan Keys has, and look where he is.

The solution isn't to have anyone shoot anyone. The solution is first, to identify the problem. The black community leaders should PUBLICALLY shame those in question. The deadbeat dads, the moms having 15 kids. Shame them to no end. Make it unpopular to speak like a deadbeat (there is no reason to say aks). Have celebrities deliver the same message. Don't make it cool to gangbang and sling crack rock in your rap videos. Stop calling women hoes. Cut entitlements, etc. This will take over 50 years to achieve, as this generation, and probably the next is already doomed to the same cycle. Hold criminals accountable. Make prisons worse, and longer sentences. Reform the prison system so it starts becoming a method of actual rehabilitation, not just a tax sapping revolving door. There are a million things to do, but Washington and the media just keep harping about stupid god damn assault weapons.
Easy to say... Problem is White America is buying this "lifestyle" up quicker than the black community. Rap sales aren't making record numbers in the black community, it's whit suburbia that's buying that lifestyle.

Edit: Blacks aren't the only ones glamorizing the lifestyle you speak about above... Do you think we can come together as Americans and maybe stop being enablers (full circle my friend)!

"If you want to move past racism, you have to STOP LABELING EVERYTHING BY RACE / 2000_328CI"

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