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Originally Posted by rossim3 View Post
Driving an ultima GTR may get you sub 1:10 around top gear track but it will struggle getting you bitches. Specially if your nearly 40 and driving it.

In your 20's doing chap laps in a 458. Now that's a different story
Come on mate, it's time to get over it and know when your beaten. This post was a waste and just does make you sound like a w@nker with a silver spoon up his a$$.

I never knew 32 was nearly 40 either but you kids these days just have no idea

I can take the pi$$ out of myself as much as I can take the pi$$ out of you or anyone else on here hence the post above.

I think it's just time to get this back on topic.

So a modded M3 is a better opinion than a stock CSL. You can build a better car for lots less $$$.

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