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Originally Posted by 02PRUV View Post
Come on mate, it's time to get over it and know when your beaten. This post was a waste and just does make you sound like a w@nker with a silver spoon up his a$$.

I never knew 32 was nearly 40 either but you kids these days just have no idea

I can take the pi$$ out of myself as much as I can take the pi$$ out of you or anyone else on here hence the post above.

I think it's just time to get this back on topic.

So a modded M3 is a better opinion than a stock CSL. You can build a better car for lots less $$$.
Fk, I actually thought u were joking. 32 years old living in Canberra still modding **** cars and a 50k pos ultima GTR thinking I'm beat?! come on man. I won from the word "Canberra". I'd actually put $50 on and go as far as to guess you prob live in or close to Queanbeyan too. Lol

Anyway gotta run, Ferrari just called, my matching ferrari rossa corsa luggage set finally arrived! Shits going to look great in the boot!
What's 50 grand to a ma'fkr like me? Can you please remind me.

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