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I was in there today. There are three gears and what looks like a little sensor. I was able to lock and unlock the cover using the Allen key. I saw no movement when I pushed the up and down switches. I tried with cover off and on. Another thread suggested the middle gear pops out but it didn't although I could remove it. The gears appear to be made of metal. I was able to push the silver button but it didnt seem to do anything. I also looked for any other broken wires within the top and found none. I did see something broken. A black plastic rod with a spring wound around it. It seems to have been connected on one end to the drivers side bracket by a small hook on the end of the spring. I appreciate the help I really like to do all repairs myself. Unfortunately the last convertible I had was a 1967 Chevy that had a pump and two pistons, no sensors etc. Anyway thanks.
One more thing possibly related. I can only open my trunk with the key. I pulled the rubber wire cover and found a previous fix had come apart. I think the wire is brown with a yellow stripe. I soldered in a new piece of wire but still can only open the trunk by key. Someone suggested unlocking the glovebox which I did but no difference.

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