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Originally Posted by Evidence View Post
I never understood the concept of automatically adding a tip to large parties.

If i show up with a group of 8 friends....i'm bringing a large amount of business to the restaurant. How are the 4 couples sitting on the other side of me any different? yet they don't get charged an automatic tip

Isn't it harder to handle 4 separate couples then one group of people?
To ensure the waiter doesn't get burned. A large party usually takes 30% more time to leave, which costs the waiter (and the restaurant) money. Often times, the waiter might only have that one party (if it is large enough) so that table is a make it or break it for them. A little tip for you guys, if you are ever in a major city, drop a hint that you are in the industry (ie waiter, bartender, etc) somewhere along in casual conversation....see how fast that automatic tip disappears from your bill.
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