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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
i didn't mention the iphone. the iphone is a big deal but it doesn't touch the ipod.
the original ipod started it all. i mean all. before that people didn't have a personal media device. there was nothing like it. other mp3 players just didn't take off.
yeah the tech was already there. touchscreen were all over, mostly in POS systems. but it wasn't usable or desired.
apple and the ipod streamlined what was already there and made it useable.

i didn't mention touch screens either.
an android phone is nothing more than the "idea" of the iphone with a different OS. and the idea of the iphone is nothing more than an ipod with a phone in it.

the ipod made it personal. the ipod started it all. like apple or not, you have to accept that.
Under this logic you should be driving a Ford since without them nobody would be driving a car right now unless they were stinking rich. Yea, they started a trend, the problem is that they're well aware of it and they use that to gouge their prices. Thankfully people are starting to wake up and realize how limiting Apple is, they've gotten lazy.

I'm typing this up on a macbook, but if I were to buy a new computer today, it wouldn't be apple. They've fallen way behind in most regards, especially their phones... I don't understand why anyone would buy an iPhone when there are so many much more capable and customizable Android devices out there and for LESS.

I thankfully talked my GF out of an iPad by taking her to bestbuy and making her try out all the tablets including the iPad. Once I showed her how much more you could do with the Android devices she wanted nothing to do with the iPads, so I bought her an Asus TF700 for Christmas and it's fantastic
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