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Originally Posted by EverydayGetaway View Post
I wouldn't go that far, before the iPod everyone had a walkman, the iPod was just the natural next step. Just because they came up with a design that caught on first doesn't mean technology wouldn't be where it is today without them, that's a really bold statement.
yes i agree. and before the ipod, there were numerous mp3 players. my dad had one. it was kinda cool.
BUT nothing was as universal as the ipod. nothing streamlined the technology as well as apple did with the ipod.
the combination of itunes and the ipod really set the mp3 world off.
like i said in a previous post, the technology was already there. apple simply made it useable and made it desirable.

i don't believe the technology would be where it is today without the ipod. sure they simply created the design that caught on first. but they did that, and that's a tall order. the only thing that had been able to create a successful OS before that was windows and that was not mobile.

the ipod set the standard for all mobile OS to come.

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