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Strange wobble/noise at certain speeds

Hey everyone, before I just jump the gun and assume my rotors are warped, I wanted to see if anyone else maybe had some other insight on what my problem may be.

I only have the problem between 70-80mph, and not always.. (however it's more often than not). Sometimes its worse than other times.. sometimes it's just noticeable, and other times it's like holy crap what is that...

Without being able to jump around the vehicle and try to figure out which corner it's coming from, I don't really know where it's originating.. I'm usually doing 75 at the time.

I've had warped rotors in other cars and usually when you step on the brake at higher speeds you'll feel a nasty pulsing feeling and you know the rotors are messed up. This is really not the case here.. stepping on the brake does not really amplify the problem like I thought it should.

Also, I just replaced the front passenger's hub assembly because I originally thought a shot bearing was the cause.. not the case cause I still have the problem. I also just replace my front control arm bushings last year with the Powerflex Urethane ones, so I don't think that's my issue either.

Any help on what else I can check would be awesome, and thank you very much!

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