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Originally Posted by EDawg View Post
no one is forcing anyone to become a restaurant server. if you are not content with the pay, then find some other line of work. patrons should not be required or expected to tip a certain percentage. a tip, by definition, is a gratuity so the amount given, if any, should be up to the individual.
I agree and disagree. I find that people serve table because they want easy money and then cry when they have a bad night. Much easier to educate yourself and pursue something with less drugs and degenerate co-workers.

That said, the way servers are paid is built into the institution of eating out. You can argue that you don't have to tip, but if Servers were paid a real wage per hour, the price of food would go up dramatically.

In the end, don't go out and eat if you can't afford to tip. I cut the most out of my personal budget by cooking about 90 percent of the time.
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