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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
The problem isn't blacks as a race. The problem is the "black culture" in the USA that, as a generality, frowns upon success, education, hard work, and the typical core values that made america great. I'm convinced that this results from the animosity held towards "the system" that has passed down from generation to generation. How many Irish do you see complaining about their inability to get work in the cities as a result of pure discrimination? How many Jews do you see harboring resentment towards Germans? Jews towards Egyptians? Irish towards English? There have been crummy predicaments throughout the last 500 years.. and everyone has been impacted. But to sit around and simply hold contempt at the very roads OUT of that misery (education, hard work, employment) is to embrace your own failures and shortcomings.

We have a black president, blacks hold powerful business positions... and yet, what is going to be the answer to almost EVERY black child when you ask what they want to be when they grow up? An entertainer or athlete... and why? Because they aren't being given proper values.

Look at AFRICANS in america... not blacks but AFRICANS.. first or second generation. They work hard, save up, and are prosperous. They appreciate all the riches and greatness of the US. Now look at "blacks" in the ghettos.. they complain about x, y, and z. It's not the white man.. it's their own self-inflicted misery that enslaves them and results in this violence.
I disagree. It's an ideal of liberals, not just african americans.
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