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OK... so between this forum and another I tired to read just about all I could find regarding my car system upgrades and the equipment I currently have in my collection. Unfortunately I am still confused as to which direction to go in.

Yes I did find wiring info and diagrams so that definitely helps, I pretty much found everything I need regarding sound dampening materials etc, and info on removing door panels is readily available and quite good including info about speaker sizes and fit.

My confusion is still pretty broad;

1) Not sure what speakers to get and if I should stick with the same type of speaker placement and style as factory, although I think this would be the easiest install while still making a major improvement

2) If I keep the head unit which I am leaning towards, I have to deal with the balanced unbalanced issue as it pertains to my ADS PH15 and the Hercules amps. The info on the adapters that I found was old so I am unsure exactly what converter to get and what config to use

3) If I change out all the speakers and use my own amps I need crossovers and I am not clear on those

4) If I use both amps I have, PH15 6 channel and Hercules bridged mono for sub what amp/speaker configurations should I use

5) I know I need and want a sub but not sure about the trunk setup for it since trunk space is very important for me

As you can all see I am trying to research info before I ask but this is definitely confusing... I really appreciate any advice and help
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