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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Your question conflicts itself. If a person KNOWINGLY sells a gun to a prohibited person, that person commits a crime. They are not law-abiding.

If they aren't aware the person is a prohibited person, no crime is committed by the seller

I fail to see a problem. Felon or not... once I sell a gun, knife, piece of paper to a person, what THEY do with it is NONE of my responsibility anymore than the
clerk at home depot selling someone a roll of duct tape and they go on to kidnap someone with it.

PERSONAL accountability. Geez. what a concept
How do you know who you are selling it to? That is part of the point. I suppose you can ask, right? Criminals commit crimes they don't lie.

You are right personal accountability. You should do the responsible thing and know who you sell your sh1t to.
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