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Originally Posted by NE1L View Post
Sounds to me like you are going to have to enter the boot from the fold down seats. Then take the boot lid carpet off to gain access to the locking mechanism. I believe the US cars have a glow-in-the-dark manual pull cable, but this is not fitted to UK vehicles, so no point looking for it. The boot lid carpet is remove by pulling out the grey plastic studs that hold it on, and also the tool box. The studs are in two pieces, the middle section pulls out first and this allows the clip part to be pulled through the hole in the metal work. The tool box is held on with a posi-drive screw (1 at each hinge), the slip the strap out of the boot lid metal work.
You are a legend. Thank you so much.

Managed to prise out the studs - they are just about reachable. Pulled on the cable and the boot opened. Apart from the lock everything seems to be working fine now. Not sure what caused it.

I will look for your threads on how to fix the lock now. Thanks again.
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