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No kidding. Fortunately they're at the national level and not state level. Wait- no, that sucks monkey balls too. Screw that.
Most state level reps and senators, even the DFL ones, tend to be pro-gun because of the hunting culture in our state. The problem is that we have Rochester (liberal doctors), Duluth (liberal college hippie city), Hennepin County (Minneapolis is full of liberal hipsters, GLBT, Mexicans, Somalis and Blacks), and Ramsey County (hipsters, Hmong and Blacks; all very liberal), which make up 1/2 of our state population. Most people from those areas are pretty liberal, so we could wind up eating this one.

Regardless of their positions, it would only make sense that other states considering doing what NY did should be waiting to see what the courts say before doing anything. If states act before a decision is made, they could be setting themselves up for massive lawsuits later. But then and again, I welcome monetary lawsuits against any state that goes against 2A.
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