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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
I never said my form was great. I certainly didn't resort to kicking nor was I shaking or using additional momentum. Did I go down to a dead hang? No.. but neither has almost anyone on here with the exception of M6I3. And yet, the comments towards me have been FAR harsher than others.. And despite all that, I've turned around and congratulated everyone on their efforts and progress.

There's no justifying here.. just asking to lay off the harsh comments. There is NO WAY you can look back on the comments made in this or the push ups thread and claim that they were fair, level headed, or remotely respectful. And that's just not cool.

So let's all be adults and encourage one another.. that's not too much to ask
You're not getting it though dude. You are the only one justifying why you do something and stating why you can't do something or why what you're doing is more impressive. Every time we have a thread like this it's about how long you're fuucking arms are. We get it. Do less reps then. I admitted my form wasn't that great. Be a little more humble and accepting of criticism without always giving us a reason why you do things the way you do. Next time I do pull ups I will go as deep as I did my last few reps and not kick my legs like an assh0le.

Originally Posted by Trashcan View Post
I feel like i could do decent on that, but then not be able to walk for a day or 2...

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Good lol.
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