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Originally Posted by markgbe View Post
so this just gives you the basic OBD2 codes like a cheapo autozone scanner will, right? Have you found that it does anything useful that a cheapo OBD2 scanner wont?
Torque or actually Torque Pro for $5 is anything but a cheapo Autozone scanner.

1. Torque will display real time data, such as MAF reading, coolant sensor, throttle position, etc.

2. Torque can graph sensor data.

3. Torque can read codes, clear codes display Emission Readiness Codes.

4. Torque can display trip info and actually overlay your route on a map and show your speed over different sections of your route.

5. Torque may be able to graph 1/4 mile times using vehicle speed sensor and GPS on your Droid device

I guess there may be a lot more things that Torque can do, however, I have not spent a lot of time working with it.

For $20 it really is a no brainer in my opinion and it will do far more than most scan tools costing 5-10 times as much.
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