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So it seems that my diff likes to lock hard when its really cool. Its not really a huge problem, but it doesn't feel good. UNTILL it decides to do it at the beginning of the turn, not the end. Then its like... oh that's the diff trying to lock OH WAIT THE DIFF LOCKED NOW WE'RE DRIFTING HOLYSHIT.

Also. I accidentally lost traction in 3rd gear at 2500 rpm this morning accelerating with traffic. RE-11's don't work well when its 9 degrees.

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100% exactly my thoughts. If I wanted a blower I would have to sacrifice the suspension and most likely the brakes. I know this will be a daily and a blower would be real fun to have on a street car but I plan to have most my fun on the track.
Do you really need a BBK? What about porsche (brembo) calipers?

You should also contact Kyle's friend, p0lar something on M3 forum, about brakes in general. Specifically ABS thresholds. He seems to be some magic genius wizard who can program a whole lot about the car.

What shocks were you going to get?

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