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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
You mean M arms are cheaper? And, sorry, but are these also known as ZHP arms?

In any case, you know I've been fine with my POS OE Lemforders and know they've gone 100K and would probably keep going to be honest but I've got something going on up there, so while doing hubs and CABs anyway, I want to finally get to the arms.

I wish someone would make a link to stuff on just suspension! LOL

I'll study your thread, now that I'm close to this. Do you know if bma would sell lemmie arms with meyle hd bushings, or are those sets put together at the factory, do you know?

Thank you Mango...I knew you'd help!
No I meant that if price was not a concern, I'd go for ///M (ZHP) arms and Meyle HD bushings. But the ZHP arms cost something like $200 more than the Meyle HDs for basically no justifiable benefit. Are your balljoints leaking or clunking?

Make sure you get new GENUINE nuts!
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