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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
So it seems that my diff likes to lock hard when its really cool. Its not really a huge problem, but it doesn't feel good. UNTILL it decides to do it at the beginning of the turn, not the end. Then its like... oh that's the diff trying to lock OH WAIT THE DIFF LOCKED NOW WE'RE DRIFTING HOLYSHIT.

Also. I accidentally lost traction in 3rd gear at 2500 rpm this morning accelerating with traffic. RE-11's don't work well when its 9 degrees.

Do you really need a BBK? What about porsche (brembo) calipers?

You should also contact Kyle's friend, p0lar something on M3 forum, about brakes in general. Specifically ABS thresholds. He seems to be some magic genius wizard who can program a whole lot about the car.

What shocks were you going to get?
Do I need a BBK, not right now. The real issue is if I don't buy one when I have the money then it's gonna be hard for me to get the wife to sign off on that down the road. It's easy to spend a couple hundred bucks here and there but not $5k. Ask yourself the same question. If you needed pads today could you buy them (couple hundred bucks), probably yes but if you needed to buy a whole new brake setup (thousands) could you do that?

Now will I need one yes. The old car with aero and slicks for sure needed a bbk. Fade was apparent at the end of a 20-30 minute session after pushing hard lap after lap. Will this car have aero, not anytime soon but a bbk also last longer, gets more even pad wear, and is easier for pad chagnes. Did I mention it looks cool as hell.

HAHAHAHA, Polar. Dude murders the bias. Do you not read those threads? I wouldn't disagree that what he is doing with Porche calipers isn't better than stock but it is no way near as good as a specifically designed stoptech kit and not even close to as good as the PFC or AP racing kits. Would you put porche suspension on your e46? I will be getting a PFC kit. Specifally designed by the same engineers that design kits for ALMS, Rolex, WTCC, Champ Car, so on and so forth. It comes down to wanting the best, you know that. Think of one part I had on the other car that wasn't held in high regard. Do it once and do it right.

As for shocks I will be getting MCS 2-Way remote dampers. Similar to my Motons but with bigger valve bodies and just a bit more tech than the older Motons. Not sure on spring rates yet, will need something that isn't terrible on the street but will still be slick tire worthy on the track.
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