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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Finally, after over 100K miles and maybe as many as 244K miles, I'm replacing my control arms.

I've read all the talk, but haven't heard long-term feedback on the CA or the CABs.

I'm thinking of staying Lemforder on CAs and Meyle HD on bushings...but, I'm curious, has anyone cut into a meyle to know it's not fluid filled?

Also, anyone install these on Lemforders without any issue?

I'm looking at bmaparts and they don't have control arms with bushing installed, that I can see, other than Meyle interested in that whole setup too. Has anyone have Meyle stuff fail on them sooner than expected?
I ain't reading all that! ^^^
But yeah I have Meyle HD control arms with Lemforder bushings and still great after 10k miles (nice and tight)
Who has the skills?
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