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Originally Posted by Worx View Post
Really. If you want a job done in under 4 hours, it's not going to do much. Three passes of a car takes more than 4 hours when done right. It takes more time than you think to cut all the swirl marks from a car.

You will find they will use silicone products and other items like that, that will cover swirl and light marks, but after 6 or so washes it will just look the same. Also most detailers will put holograms into your paint work. Lets hope they know what they are doing. Good luck.
Let me guess.... on the detailing forums if a potential double whammy customer comes in, then this Damien guy would tell people to go to WORX as others use urine instead of engine oil and that sure it costs less and the choice is theirs, but good luck?
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