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That's the grip I use and I inverse the grip on every set to keep grip balance

Since you have similar numbers, when I get to 4th-5th rep my wrists and arms just pretty much lose all strength. The rest of my body still has strength in it to do a couple more reps. Don't you have this issue?

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I squatted barefoot before I started using my very flat Lacoste shoes.

Try an alternating grip (dominant palm facing, other out)

I'm not at the point where I need straps/chalk and I have similar numbers
I don't use wraps. I read for safety reasons and over all grip strength it's good to have a natural grip (thumps on top).
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Do you use wraps? I'd recommend them if your grip starts to slack on the higher weights. Or you can try tucking your thumb under your fingers instead of on top. It is sort of awkward at first but you get used to it.

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I tried with my Taek Won Do shoes (very flat) and I still find barefoot most natural and best feeling while squatting and deadlifting. I can get the bar off the ground fine, it's just in the last few reps where my grip and arms give up
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Always plan to get some new flat workout shoes, but always end up buying shoes that I'd wear out instead.

Anyhow, I use a running type of shoe and really no problems. I've taken some videos when I DL and can't visibly see any compression and notice that I'm more on my toes (not sure if that's bad form). One thing about flat shoes or bareboot, is that when you compare to actual weightlifting shoes, the dedicatied weightlifting shoes typically have a heel and are not flat.

Had some big grip issues before switching to over/under. Now my grip isn't the issue....just the weight doesn't get off the ground sometimes.

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