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Ok so all the parts have arrived there has been many extra purchases since I last updated such as Stoptech BBK 4 piston on the front with stoptech race pads on the rears with goodrich hoses for the rear also. All the parts including ECU have arrived so it is just a matter of getting the Engine out, the subframe dropped and all the new shiny pieces to be put back together..
Now this time im letting my mechanic do the work as I dont have time with Final Year Mechanical Engineering Exams to concentrate on. (Im using my cheesy wedding band to fund all these parts!!! Dont judge it pays the bills haha!)

He hasnt got the engine out as between the two of us we spent the last month getting my e30 road legal and through the NCT (This is the Irish National Car Test which is the equivalent of the UK MOT or SMOG tests in America). Its working like a charm at the moment, got my new LSD in there and all!!

Anyway any one have torque specs for the new pulley on the supercharger?
Also I cant remember the supercharger oil, Its something like 10W60 Castrol is it? Any particular Brand of Castrol or is there a specific one?
As for selling my old injectors from the ESS TS2 b25 is there a market for this? What cc are they etc?
I also have the belt and pulley but I doubt these would sell..

Ill try keep the rest of this thread pic heavy as it'll look good having engine out and swapping all the parts I need along with subframe reinforcement and BBK!!

I also just rang insurance company to declare all my modifications and it has been escalated to some high up management guys.
In Ireland there is NO and I mean NO insurance company that will touch a turbo or supercharger modification. So I am just waiting to hear back from them to see what ridiculous quote they throw at me or just plain out refusal.
If it is a refusal I can contact the Irish Insurance Federation and they are required to get me a quote no matter how high.. The standard for some *** Imports is roughly 3500 euro a year. Thats not including my road tax of 1100 euro a year on the 325... Now the m3 sounds like 'as is said in Ireland' " cheap as chips"..
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