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1) I'd generally stick with the stock placement (as in avoid making pods or fiberglassing) for your first install. Some get addicted to constantly improving stereos- and go that route later. I would suggest coaxials for the rear deck and a simple two way (tweeter and midbass) passively crossed over setup for the front doors. You'd just leave the mid space unused.

What brand or component speakers system is a totally different question and is very personal. You probably have some idea of the sound signature that you like, and your total budget.

- The plate speakers probably have no use in this car.

2) For a basic lineout setup, look in the AudioControl LC6i. It'll give you clean, multi-channel output with adjustable output voltage to satisfy your required input voltage (on the amps).

You can find it cheaper on eBay. I wouldn't skimp on an LOC if SQ is your goal:

3) Passive crossovers should come with the speakers if you buy a components set from a known brand. If you start piecing together a kit from individual midbasses and tweeters no crossover would be included.

Obviously- if the component set includes a crossover, each woofer and tweeter combination will require only one amplifier speaker output (as opposed to the stock actively crossed over setup- where each individual speaker has its own amplifier channel).

4) Sounds like you have some nice amplifiers!

5) People like the E46 JL Stealthboxes, BSW sub box, and WickedCas recessed trunk enclosure (mounts over the battery). That doesn't take up much space and you can choose your subwoofer.

-The Alpine EQ is a cool piece (might be worth a decent chunk on diymobileaudio) but I don't see you having any use for it off the bat with your new system.

That should get you started!

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