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Interesting discussion. I'm glad some of you mentioned the relatively stiffness of the meyle bushings. I guess I'm not surprised they're noticeably stiffer, but that does make me wonder about those who get poly bushings for the street!

It's nice that bma sells them with bushings installed, but I wish they had lemforders with bushings mounted. Maybe I'll call and ask. Also, might be I'll get a better price from Worldpac.

Slotown's technique is great...although not many diyers have an engine support, not such an expensive tool...but at that point, I'd just take it to my shop.

Sounds like just a couple here wish they'd gone Lemforder, which, once again, makes me think OE is probably going to be best for me, though I don't like that the OE bushings 'pop'; I'll have to see how old mine are...I'm thinking maybe only 3-4 years.

So does anyone happen to know where the date stamps are on CAs, assuming they're there somewhere. I really want to know if my CAs are original or not, though I'd be shocked if they were.
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