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I would like to address the off topic things: Android is good and if it where the only mobile OS it would be the best, what i like about it is that it is way better than anything that existed before it, excluding iOS. Now iOS is good but it's not advancing as fast as android. Android has 2 releases in the time iOS release one. it was not as good at first but now it is a potent OS. I say in a year it will be hands down the better OS. but then this BB10 came out. It looks like android but with all the rough edges taken away. It seems like it could take all those Droid fans and turn them back to BB fans. now with that said a few will also use the Windows mobile. iOS devices are expensive yet they still sell. I don't care how chick you are if you are not good people won't pay. but like I said give it a year and let's see what happens. The past is gone the present is occurring but the future is unknown.

Now back to point -> I agree that this is not a cake walk but there is a droid diy., as an example. This would be better since the Radio would still work., in the droid arrangement the radio functionality went away. This unit would allow the ipad to control the radio. I am aware that some gives will occur. I won't have the steering wheel controls :-(. I won't have my rear view camera :-(. I never use the cd/dvd so that's not a loss. but lots of gains: There will be less buttons! better interactivity. the potential to add wifi devices for media storage. plus this setup should be significantly better than the setup those custom guys did here in Tampa. They had to install some sort of control unit that sticks out by the shifter. Do I think it's better than the dynavin? probably not 100% but it might be significantly better in some things and bad in others. might be an even trade in the end but I think it's a good project for someone that would like a double din touchscreen entertainment system.

Basically i did the legwork now we need a procedure to make it happen.
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