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Why are you so concerned?

The guy had a positive experience with this product, for what he wanted to get out of them (not everyone wants to track their car), and was nice enough to follow up after 15k miles.

My advice to you would be to forget everything you know about the english language (which should be easy for you), spend a little less time worrying about spring rates, perhaps a little more on english lessons, and let others do what they want with their cars. That way you will not look like a fool when you are trying to voice your opinion.

Originally Posted by emm3speed View Post
This. Depending how fair the op is the five fingers are going to leave a lasting imprint on his face.

You took a pos suspension and put it on your car. Can't afford better coilovers? Are you such an epic fail just sell the dam things new and get money towards a better proven setup. Yes you are balling with your csl diffuser and other stuff but seriously, the ride is something that impacts everything you do with a car . Stop recommending that pos setup. Take it off your car maybe a brz owner will buy it
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