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I workout in a corporate gym where shoes are mandatory. I wouldn't dead lift barefoot even if I could. I wear Nike Frees. I also ran into grip issues above 315 lbs., so I use liquid chalk or my straps when I perform my heavy sets. I disagree that the use of straps altogether is bad. That would be akin to saying that wrapping your knees during heavy squats is "bad for your squat". All the strap does is provide grip on what is otherwise a slippery bar. You are NOT suspending weight from your wrists using the strap (...and if you are, you're using the strap incorrectly, and good luck hoping that a strap is going to "hold onto" heavy weight on its own). I only use straps on my heavy set(s) however, and those sets range from 1-3 reps.
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Dude, you are massively gay for Capoeira. Yes I know this has been well established for quite some time.
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While not big, I bet it's firm and can grind the sh1t out of a crank.

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