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Originally Posted by nola mike View Post
Well, reset the light. No recurrence after about 50 miles mixed driving.
@jfoj: Yeah, everything will eventually need replaced, but I'd rather not mess with it if a) there isn't anything wrong (yet), b) it's something that gives warning before it breaks, and c) it won't leave me stranded. Out of all the possibilities, only fuel pump meets c). Interesting link on the FP--my tank had a bit over 1/4 when the SES came on. I'll check the hidden data.
Since my experience with this car (and BMW's) is somewhat limited, I'm basing this off of prior cars--a vacuum leak should trip a lean code at idle. If it's huge, it will have driveability issues. At speed the effect of a vacuum leak is much less pronounced. If it happens again, esp at speed, I'll replace the FP.
Well, the car had been running fine. Ironically enough, it took less than 3 months after this reply of mine for the fuel pump to die unexpectantly and leave me stranded

So you were right about the FP. I was surprised that I got NO warning about this. Car running fine, started it up, had low power for a few hundred feet. I turned it off and it wouldn't restart. So maybe this is something to replace as preventative maintenance...
Many miles and no more codes though!
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