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Originally Posted by BringsMeWomen View Post
Thanks for all the info guys! So i got my phone last night and ended up getting the iphone 5.

The reason why i got this instead of the samsung is because the note 2 was just a tad to big for me and i enjoyed the iphones display a lot more actually. The colours are very vibrant and the screen is very responsive compared to the samsung. The samsung is still has a good display but the iphone just barely tops the samsung. Ive owned a lot of apple products over the years and what makes them shine is the fluidity of their devices compared to andriod. Andriod is actually getting closer but still doesnt top apple yet but im sure they will soon.

Another reason was speed for me. Even though the note 2 has a quad core CPU the iphone actually keeps up with the note and sometimes even faster. This really shocked me how apple optimized the dual core CPU with their OS and i give a great thumbs up to them. Both phones The S3 is just a little slower than which was such a shame. I really loved the size of that phone but even with the new jellybean update it still seemed the iphone was faster. Ive seen many videos on youtube of people running benchmark tests and the iphone beat all 3 phones in most categories and the note 2 was basically the exact same. The s3 was slower which once again sucked because i almost convinced myself to get that phone.

My last reason was me being to lazy to adjust to the andriod OS lol. Even though their is a lot of expandability and customization compared to iOS i still like it even though it is getting dull and a little boring over the years...

So overall a great phone and i am enjoying it so far. I really like the samsung devices but it just isnt for me just yet. I can definitly see myself using an andriod device in the near future because of the endless things you can do on it. Apple just doesnt want to change and part of this is the consumers fault. People dont want change because apple got it right a few years ago and dont want to stray away from that. Sooner or later if apple doesnt start implementing new features to their devices, its going to be dry and played out. People will be bored of the same things. The best way to describe apple is "If it aint broken, dont fix it". They always make small changes to perfect their OS which isnt a bad thing because it is very simple to use for everybody out there. My dad took my 4s and got used to it very quickly and he is an idiot when it comes to technology lol. The iphone just works which is an easy way to describe but once again its getting a little repetitive. You can look at it either a positive way or negative.

I might make an iphone 5 review if im not to lazy to do it lol. Once again thanks for all the feedback my fellow fanatics!

Good choice.
As I already mentioned, the iOS is very polished and utilizes the hardware to the optimum.
Just like how macbook beats the PC with the same hardware.
Its all about getting the software right to use the hardware that is available.

I have been enjoying it since the launch day(gift to my fiancÚ) and thanksgiving gift to myself.
I have both of them unlocked(through ebay) and have the nano sim cutter. Thats when I travel abroad, so I dont have to pay for roaming charges.

Now with the speculation of the iOS 6 jailbreak coming tomorrow, I cant wait.

Enjoy your new phone.
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