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Question Who here is good with jetski's?

Got a 2008 Seadoo RXT 3 seater.

Flushed it out as usual after taking it for a spin on the weekend.

After i took the hose out and turned the jetski off i walked to the back of the ski where the jet is, and a spring shot out at me from no where - i didnt touch or move anything it just shot out. Dont know where its off or what it does but its about 13cm long and 1cm diameter, oh and the spring was actually cracked in half - so it came out in two pieces. A friend of mine with the same ski said he had a look for a spring but couldn't find anything.

They want to charge me money for a manual off the seadoo website.

Anyone know where this mystery spring came from?

I'm paranoid to take the ski out without getting the spring fixed, and havn't had time to take it to a shop.

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