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Originally Posted by Bimmer_Addict View Post
So there is my story fellow fanatics, as I'm leaving for Super Bowl to Vegas "thank god " before I hit the free way, my car started over heating while I was on a drive thru waiting to get so,e food, all cooling components has been changed a year and half ago, except the radiator, I left the car home and left in another car. No milky white oil, no smoke, no leaking. What should I do /change first. If some one can shed the light I would greatly appreciate it.
If the radiator was the only component you didn't change, then it's a decent bet your issue is there. Only other decent possibility is that you used an aftermarket therm or really cheap wp and one or the other failed on you.

You can see leaks from radiator if that's what it is...either between black side pod and fins or at the filler neck.

Could be that you haven't checked your coolant level in a year and a half and just lost enough through a slow minor seeping to finally add'd end up putting enough air into the wp cavity that the pump would cavitate and not pump so well...according to one theory. Others say that the air can create blockages to circulation within the system...and maybe all you need to do is add coolant and bleed the system.

GL...have a good trip!
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