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Originally Posted by mick22589 View Post
Resurrecting this thread cuz I have a question and didnt see a better place to put it. Was wondering, if the source of a leak is determined to be from the expansion tank, Could one take out said tank, clean it with paint thinner really well, wash it, then fill any cracks with plastic epoxy, put back on. Instead of buying a new expansion tank. Seems like I have to buy a new one like every other winter. Im on my 3rd tank.
Stop overfilling your tank. There is no way you are going through a tank per year without screwing something up. Buy an OEM one.

Originally Posted by Bimmer_Addict View Post
Dmax, thanks for your respond ; you always been a great source on this forum with my car problems. To clarify my coolant level was always up to the top where the red thing sticks out and I would top it off along the year and half so was never low on that. As far as the WP and the T-stat I bought them from pelican parts so if you would know of specific brands to buy instead of pelican parts, I would appreciate it if you can post a link, also I'm suspecting the fan could have been shot even though its less than a year old, so if you can advise of a way to test the fan also I would really really appreciate the help before. Go crazy and start changing things doesn't need to. That being said; there are no signs or coolant leaks any where. Please advise.
You are doing it wrong. Fill it to between the minimum and maximum. The actual fluid should be no where near the top of the ET. That rod is just floating on a float inside the ET and reaches maximum well before the fluid reaches the top. Fill it so the top of the rod is level with the edge of the ET cap flange. Like I said before, you are the cause of your ET failures.

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