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Originally Posted by 330xigraham View Post
The note says "the camber adjuster is maxed out, steering knuckle possibly bent." So likely RCA bent enough to limit camber adjustment.

As for toeing all four to the right; makes sense to me. But when I tell a shop/dealer this, they look at me like I'm crazy. And in theory, the pothole hole impact must have bent something regarding the incorrect toe, right? Something has to give to change the toe.
When the control arm bends, it effectively shortens the arm. The arm attaches to the knuckle at the bottom of the knuckle. So bending the rear control arm will cause a loss of negative camber. I believe the tech when he says camber adjustment is maxed out. It's due to bent rear arms most likely.

It's easy to inspect- if the plastic guards don't fit on the arms well anymore, they are most likely bent.

For the alignment- they are driving the car into the rack and leaving the wheel cocked to the right. Tell them to drive in and park. Then turn the wheel to left so it's centered. Both fronts will now be pointed left slightly. Straighten the front toe then make the rears point the same way as the fronts. Simple. All four wheels need the same exact toe adjustment. How much toe adjustment is a function of how much you need to turn the steering wheel to get it at TDC.
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